Our Studio

At Mindful Life Pilates you will learn the traditional Pilates repertoire with contemporary exercises based on the latest research in movement science.  Our Pilates programs are for anyone that wants to strengthen their body from the inside out including the deep core muscles, deep spinal muscles & pelvic floor. 

Our studio is a safe and friendly learning environment that welcomes all levels of clients from general fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes.  We slow things down and really take the time to teach you about your own body, your postural tendencies and how to correct movement patterns so you feel that you are getting the results that you really want.  This new found knowledge will help you feel more connected to your mind, body and spirit which can lead you to live a happy and productive lifestyle.

Our results oriented Private and Semi-private training is for general fitness enthusiasts wanting to improve their posture and decrease discomfort from general aches and pains, post-rehabilitation clients that have suffered from an accident or injury that are wanting to restore movement patterns and decrease pain, pre-natal & post-natal women, people with specific health conditions, instructors, and athletes. 

Pilates can be a very useful training tool for athletes of all levels that want to increase their power, speed, agility, coordination, balance and flexibility.  We enjoy working with athletes of specific sports including triathlete activities, ball and rotational sports, and dance based activities.  

Overall Benefits from doing Mindful Life Pilates:

  • slender and longer muscles
  • improved shoulder range of motion
  • increased shoulder strength
  • abdominals look and feel more toned
  • knees stop aching
  • pelvic muscles feel stronger
  • low back & neck pain goes away
  • hips & buttocks have better tone
  • leaner calves & pliable feet
  • increased flexibility
  • improved posture
  • decreased stress, increased ENERGY
  • breathe easier
  • better mind-body coordination
  • improved mental clarity

Features and Benefits

The Trapeze Table

1The first prototype called the “Cadillac” invented by Joseph Pilates to re-habilitate people with injuries and is now used by dancers...

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The EXO Chair


The EXO Chair is a spring loaded piece of equipment that delivers a challenging full-body workout that's great for strength ...

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TRX Suspension Training


TRX Training was designed based on leading-edge research and best practices from the military and professional sports...

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The Reformer

2The innovative exercises developed by Joseph Pilates focus on strengthening the muscles that help you to maintain a symmetrical ...

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The Arc


The Pilates Arc is designed to focus on the deep abdominals, back, and shoulder muscles. By stretching and working ...

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The Pilates Ring


Performing the Pilates Mat work utilizes your own body weight to emphasises kin-esthetic awareness, the ability to focus on ...

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